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Project Details

Client: Monroe County Commission

Contact: Mike Minor, Presiding Commissioner

Services: Bidding, Civil Engineering, Construction Services, Structural Engineering, Surveying

Poepping, Stone, Bach & Associates, Inc. (PSBA) was hired by the Monroe County Commission, Monroe County, Missouri to provide the design and construction services for proposed bridges located on County Roads 109 and 923. The purpose of the project was to replace the existing Bridge over the Upper Otter Creek and Bridge over an Unknown Branch in Monroe County Missouri. The Otter Creek Structure is a 24 ft wide, steel girder superstructure, Substructure is pile cap end bents, seismic category A. The Structure over the unknown Branch is a 30 ft long, single span, 25 ft wide, pre-cast concrete slab superstructure, Substructure is pile cap end bents, seismic category A . The proposed bridges will be designed in accordance with the Missouri Department of Transportation Local Public Agency Highway Bridge Program, Off-System Bridge Replacement and Rehabilitation Program (BRO).

The project involved the design of the replacement structures. PSBA designed the roadway profile, calculated the waterway opening in accordance with Missouri waterway criteria, estimated the scour potential, and design the bridge. The bridge design included the steel beam design, the pile length design, any streambed protection for scour, and the abutment design. All designs are in accordance with the Missouri Department of Transportation BRO policies.

Construction services included shop drawing review, inspected materials, concrete samples, periodic site visits, reviewed contractors pay requests, and final as-built plans. Site visits were required during critical construction operations including structure layout, excavation, and backfilling, driving of piles, checking of reinforcing steel prior to concrete placement, concrete batching and pouring, placement of girders, and placement of surfacing material.

Responsibilities included: Survey, ROW Plans and Easements, DNR, FEMA and US Army Corp of Engineer Compliance, Hydraulic Studies, Detailed Construction Plans, Cost Estimates, Specifications Bidding, and Construction Services.

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